This blog will highlight the important things to consider before you buy your baby cot. It is an investment in your well being.

Choose carefully based on the following information. Ensuring you have a safe cot for your baby is essential.

Questions to ask when buying a baby cot

Baby Cot, Cot, Crib, Bassinet, Baby bed and the list goes on. There are many buzzwords for places where you lay your bundle of joy to rest. When you’re looking for a safe cot, it’s important to find one that feels comfortable, safe, suits your needs and will last throughout your baby early years.


If you’re looking for a safe cot for your baby, it’s important to think about the size, weight, shape, the materials used, the look and feel and above all, the safety of it. Here are things to consider.

When it comes to comfort in your baby’s cot, selecting the right mattress is crucial. This is also important for safety, as the mattress placed in any cot should fit properly and reach all sides of the cot with no gaps between the mattress and the bars. Comfort and safety go hand-in-hand.

It is important to select a mattress that is not too soft, which could result in breathing difficulty. Look for a mattress with an ‘infant’ side and a ‘toddler’ side, so that you can switch the firmness as your baby grows.

Considering a safe and sound place to lay your baby to sleep without stress on your back? – Sign up to the Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot waitlist. We designed our baby cot with your back in mind because we care.

According to Australian Safety Standards, the side panels of a cot should be spaced between 50 mm and 95 mm apart. If the bars or panels are made from a flexible material, the maximum spacing between the bars or panels should be less than 95 mm.

Insights – our safe cot does not have any sidebars/panels or slats as we wanted to enhance the level of safety for your baby by using soft gentle mesh materials to prevent any accidents with arms, legs or head getting trapped or stuck in between them. We simply believe prevention is better than cure.


You can choose whatever design and style you think will fit best in your nursery. There are many to choose from and they come in various shapes and sizes. As cots are sometimes a big investment, many parents choose natural wood or white finish cots, as these can be unisex. Design and aesthetics are great but I place more importance on a cot that is functional and usable.

When buying a safe cot for your baby to sleep in, look for a cot with panels and bars also known as slats surrounding the sides so your baby receives adequate airflow.

All cots sold in Australia need to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2172-2013, even if they’re made overseas. Also, if you consider buying a second-hand baby cot, be careful. No matter how safe they are, they can become unsafe over time, due to damage and general wear and tear.

It’s always best to buy new because that way you can be sure the safety standards are in line with Australia’s legal requirements.

Ensure there is adequate airflow and circulation and also non-toxic paint used or applied to furniture. Purchasing teething rails to ensure your baby doesn’t start chewing on the side rails is also a good option.

Insights – Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot/Crib adheres to the following countries Product Safety Standards –

  • Australian AS/NZS 2172
  • USA – ASTM F1169
  • Europe – BS EN716-1
  • Canada – SOR/2016

Insights – Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot is ergonomically designed to eliminate/reduce back pain and aid recovery from traumatic childbirth like c-section/induction. It is simple as you no longer need to bend to put in or take out your baby from the cot.

Considering a safe and sound place to lay your baby to sleep without stress on your back? – Sign up to the Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot waitlist. We designed our baby cot with your back in mind because we care.

Many parents choose a cot that can grow with their child. Most cots achieve this either on their own or by having a toddler railing available to purchase alongside the cot. This simple addition to the railing means that when the time comes, the cot can be transformed into a toddler bed and used up until they’re five/six years old.

Insights – Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot is a 3 in 1 – bassinet, cot and also toddler bed that grows with you and your baby from birth till 5–6yrs old.


So, what’s different about Upzeez High Rize? This modern baby cot enables caregivers to safely place their baby in, and lift their baby out, without the need to bend over the cot. With the press of a button, the base of the cot seamlessly moves up and down to the required height. Our safe cot has been designed with the aim of making baby cots accessible to all caregivers, including those living with disabilities. Upzeez High Rize allows users to place and remove their baby through the side of the cot, at a height that best suits their individual needs.

Conversion Kits or Toddler bed transition rail

If you want a cot for your baby to last, and you to save money in the long run, it might be worth checking if you can purchase an additional conversion kit or a toddler transition rail. This attachment allows you to remove one side of the cot and allows children to climb in and out of bed safely.

These attachments mean the bed can be used up to around 5-6 years. Some baby cots come complete with a toddler transition rail, whereas others only sell them separately.

Considering a safe and sound place to lay your baby to sleep without stress on your back? – Sign up to the Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot waitlist. We designed our safe cot with your back in mind because we care.


Coverings – Lambswool/Blankets

The safest option is to stick with a fitted mattress sheet in your baby’s cot without any extra coverings or any other kind of comforter as they can also result in a potential breathing obstruction.


If you’re concerned about safety, consider that the Red Nose guidelines state that bumpers are unsafe to have in a cot due to potential breathing obstructions. The same guidelines state that a baby’s bed shouldn’t have blankets, toys, and pillows. Please note bumpers have since been ban in the United States and its only a matter of time before it becomes illegal in other regions as well.


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